December 23, 2006

Night at the Museum

I saw "Night at the Museum" (Ben Stiller) last night and definitely urge you to see it. Very very funny, good times. It also introduced me to my new favorite movie character. My previous favorite was Mongo from "Shrek 2". This character is similar, but better. Meet "Easter Island Statue" (aka Dum-Dum, but not really):

Granted, this isn't a picture of the actual character from the movie because the movie just came out yesterday and there are no screenshots online yet, but it looks exactly the same. Allow me to describe what makes "Easter Island Statue" so cool. . .
a) He talks
b) He speaks in a very simple, yet condescending tone
c) He loves "Gum-Gum" (bubble gum)
d) He can blow a bubble that's like 6 feet in diameter!
e) When it pops on his face he doesn't have hands to get it off, so he just kind of groans
If for no other reason, see this movie so that you can see "Easter Island Statue" because he is the best movie character ever.