December 24, 2006


I was all done blogging for the night, I swear! There's only an hour left until tomorrow and I was going to just surf facebook for the rest of today. Honestly! But, when one comes across a picture that actually makes them laugh out loud, it begs posting. There's a story behind this picture.

Last year I was in Honors Physics. It was a standard physics class, with friction, mass, acceleration, magnets, all that jazz. It also came pre-fabbed with the worst text book ever! With the worst chapter questions ever! Ever! This made for some very frustrating physics class periods and even more frustrating physics tests. Many of us just got so helplessly lost and confused that we started laughing at the pure hilarity of it all. There was no hope, and we didn't care. I think the pinnacle was either when after hours of work on a mousetrap car somebody backed over it on their way to school, or when somebody else brought a home-made rocket (black powder included) to class. It was one of those two moments, not sure which, that pretty much made me realize that physics was no longer physics. I, in my mind, re-christened it "Survival Class". If you make it out of the class alive with all limbs/mousetrap cars intact, you win.

That being said, the following picture struck a chord with me. It reminds me of almost every test I took in that class. I wish I were creative enough to do this on a test, because I would have had I thought of it. I'm glad somebody did though! Enjoy, don't try to contain the laughter. I know that if you were in my physics class, you will be laughing after seeing this picture:


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