November 08, 2006

You know you're a geek if. . .

The link on the right margin of my blog links to a Geek Test. Allow me to share which of the criteria I meet in the "Geek Test". At the end, I will add a few of my own questions for the geek test.


  • programmed a calculator in math class
  • dated a geek
  • done homework that wasn't required
  • looked forward to dissecting a frog, pig, etc.
  • worn 2+ watches at the same time
  • a perfect attendance record in high school
  • taken notes in more than one color
  • thought I could win a quiz show
  • corrected a salesperson on technical specs
  • corrected a supervisor on spelling or grammar
  • written a letter to the editor
  • indexed and catalogued any personal collection
  • solved a Rubik's cube
  • solved an entire 500+ piece puzzle


  • in a fan club or on their mailing list
  • called a geek
  • several times
  • in "smart" classes
  • in marching band
  • to band camp
  • in the chess club
  • on any sort of academic team
  • in a math competition
  • placed high or won

I HAVE . . . (2)

  • attended a geek party
  • been really excited about attending a geek party
  • thrown a geek party
  • taken the Mensa test
  • quoted Yoda in conversation or debate, at least semi-seriously
  • never turned down a date


  • Douglas Adams
  • Piers Anthony
  • Isaac Asimov
  • books on math/science outside class
  • entire calculator manuals
  • software/computer language books
  • joke/humor books for self-enrichment

I WANT. . .

  • more computers
  • a yurt
  • more RAM
  • GPS
  • to score well on this test


  • The Fellowship of the Ring
  • The Two Towers
  • The Matrix
  • Any Monty Python movie
  • Princess Bride
  • TRON
  • War Games

I OWN. . .

  • Rubik's cube
  • 2+ Rubik's cubes
  • 1 or 2 computers
  • 2+ DVD players
  • a techie black outfit
  • several maps and/or globes
  • 2+ dictionaries
  • 2+ calculators
  • > 1 trivia game
  • > 1 video game console
  • binoculars
  • laser pointer

I LIKE TO. . .

  • play with numbers
  • play with words/sounds
  • play with hazardous chemicals
  • go to the library
  • browse the Geek webring
  • do logic games
  • put together puzzles
  • turn on my computer first thing in the morning
  • program
  • buy used video games
  • work mathematical problems
  • tinker with electronics
  • make people think I'm weird
  • play with Lego
  • listen to NPR or AM radio
  • learn on my own

I PLAY. . .

  • chess
  • word games (like boggle, scrabble, crosswords)
  • trivia games
  • games that have received a Mensa award
  • solitaire games
  • Weird Al Yankovic
  • show tunes
  • music that nobody else listens to, ever
  • no sports
  • more than one musical instrument
  • Risk
  • all the way to the end

I WEAR. . .

  • computer-humor t-shirts
  • shirts that proclaim geekhood

I HAVE. . . (3)

  • had long Mac vs. PC debates
  • created a website
  • submitted my personal website to search engines
  • more than 3 e-mail addresses
  • more than 3 screen names
  • dated someone over the internet

I KNOW. . .

  • Java
  • HTML and/or JavaScript
  • l337 sp33k
  • what http:// stands for
  • what dpi stands for
  • what E=mc^2 means
  • the three laws of robotics
  • and who invented them
  • the value of pi (to 10 digits)
  • that Aol is the Spawn of Satan
  • that Bill Gates is both God and Satan
  • how to use special functions on a scientific calculator
  • chemical symbols for 10+ elements
  • the difference between speed and velocity
  • the names of 3 temperature scales
  • and the H2O freezing/boiling points of each
  • the difference between nuclear fission and fusion
  • how to count in hexadecimal
  • what a "patch" means in computer terms
  • what the blue screen of death means

I KNOW. . . (2)

  • how to count to 31 on one hand
  • how to play 7+ games with regular deck(s) of cards
  • how to roll-step and high-step in time
  • my age in binary
  • my Geek Code
  • extensive, useless trivia
  • how to write 1999 in Roman numerals
  • that the answer is 42.
  • that I am a geek

Those are all the ones on the test that I can answer yes to. It's sad, I know, but every single one is true, all of them. Here are some things I think should be added to the test.

  • You know how to spell the "Rubik's" of the "Rubik's Cube"
  • You find funny.
  • You think the following picture is ROTFLMAO worthy:

  • You know what ROTFLMAO means.


Molly said...

You are strange. Does that make sense? Am I being confusing again? Okay I'm done being rude. MORE HOMECOMING PICTURES!

Paige loves Jean-Luk said...

I took the test...............................

star trek makes me a total geek, as do my theatre/band/science/space camp/klingon/sci-fi cons/ and my computer knowledge all contribute to my own geekiness...........but I am not so bad as you! haha, that was fun to take!

Molly said...

What is Mensa?

ashley said...

haha. I love the picture.

Paige loves Jean-Luk said...

I am a major are like two percent behind me...but I think the only reason I am more so is because of my obsession with star trek/wars

we are geeks in different ways, but still we are the same...and plus I am girl which gives me extra points

ashley said...

haha I scored as a major geek too! its almost embarassing but at least I'm not posting the things I got geek points for on the internet.

Anonymous said...