November 14, 2006

Speech Team Joke

So, today in speech team, we were all just kinda chillin'. Not much was going on, we were recovering from a tournament last weekend, so in theory we were supposed to be doing homework we couldn't do during the tournament. Well, during a lively discussion, I slammed my fist down on my table, which happened to have a water bottle sitting on it. The water bottle jumped straight up about a half inch and then fell back down again. This was absolutely amazing to me, and to Truman. Well, I happened to have a slide rule on my desk (don't ask), so Truman picked it up and decided to test his reaction time. I would pound the table and he would try to stick the slide rule under the bottle while it was in the air. This is all fine and dandy, and our speech team coach even looked across the room at us to see what we were doing. In fact, the room was very quiet as Truman an I focused on our "Smash the table and get the slide rule under the bottle" game. After succeeding several times, Truman then graduated to the "Smash the table and get the slide rule under the bottle and then pull it out from under the bottle" game. Well, when our coach saw this, he became a skeptic. The following course of dialogue was so fluid and perfect, it was astounding. Everybody in the classroom starting crying they were laughing so hard, everybody, no exceptions. It was a good 3 minutes before we could regain control.

*I slam table and Truman unsuccessfully removes the slide rule from under the bottle*
Teacher: Were you actually expecting to pull that out?
Truman: That's what SHE said!
*Cue shocked/well-deserved laughter*

That is what happens in speech team, folks, amazing things. Amazing things.