October 12, 2006

Tea Party

So here's the story. On Wednesday after school I was bombarded by the girls in my section, practically begging me to come to their tea party. Call me crazy/male, but I was hesitant, but after I got home and talked to my parents they decided that I should definitely go, so I did. Today at noon I arrived at my first "Tea Party". Little did I know, it was a big deal.

It was hosted by Jessica Gamez, shown here on the left:

Note: This picture was obviously not taken at the party. . . but all three were in attendance. That's Molly there in the center and Hannah on the right.

There were going to be like 15 people there. . . and I was the only guy! Well, that just wasn't going to work, so I made a couple of decisions.

Decision 1: Get Greg (that guy that always comments in my blog, pictures to come).
Apparently he lived close to the tea location, so I grabbed a navigator, hopped into my car, and drove to what we thought was Greg's house. We weren't sure, so I grabbed my phone and called him. Here's the transcript:

Me: Hello, is Greg there?
Some Person: Yeah, just a second.
Me: Greg? This is Michael.
Greg: Hello.
Me: What color is your house?
Greg: Um, tannish?
(I look at the color of the house who's driveway I'm parked in. Tannish.)
(I notice a basketball hoop)
Me: Do you have a basketball hoop in your backyard?
Greg: Um, kinda.
Me: Right, can you please come out front?
Greg: Um, ok.
(Greg walks to the car. Before he knows it, he is kidnapped and taken to the tea party)

Task 1: Mission Accomplished!

Decision 2: Get Truman.
This was easier, I just called him and told him I needed his backup. He agreed and came right over. BTW, you can read about Truman in an earlier post, I believe it's in October of last year, check the links on the right.

Task 2: Mission Accomplished!

So, now there were more guys, which made it better. Overall, the quality of the tea and tea goodies was very good. Apparently it was a real English high tea thing, with authentic food (mmmm, food). So, we wined and dined for a while and then started taking pictures. Paige (some girl there) and Truman needed pictures for a project in Creative Writing, pictures of a Soap Opera Truman wrote. This is when things got funny. There was a scene that I was supposed to attack Greg with a knife. Here's me plotting my attack:

I'm evil looking, eh? Here's me being chased by Greg because he discovered me.

Yes, I know, we're good actors. It practically looks like we froze in mid-stride, AMAZING! This is when I injured myself. You see, we were all kinda hanging out behind my car when the hostess's mom came out with a camera. This was the cue for the guys to run and hide. Well, Greg and Truman were smart and ran. I attempted to dive into the trunk of my car. Now, this is not a seemingly complicated thing to accomplish. It requires opening the trunk and leaping in. Well, somewhere between opening the trunk and leaping in, I somehow screwed up. You see, the back of the car wasn't exactly open all the way when I dove in. . .to the edge of the door . . . with my head. *Crunch* (Molly starts laughing and can't breathe). It hurt, a lot, so I had to sit down for a little bit. Here's me in my injured state:

Yeah, I'm pathetic, I know. We discovered that I had actually broken skin and was bleeding out of my head. Oh, and I had a bump on my head that was incredibly amazingly abnormally big. Yes, it was bad. Well, we eventually ventured back inside to take more pictures. Many of the pictures were nice, my favorite is this one:

Yes, I am about to assassinate Greg, poor Greg. That pretty much concluded the Tea Party, because we had to leave to go to marching band. If I remember any more good details about it, I'll update, but that's pretty much the gist of it: Truman, Greg, knives, Bump on head, Molly hyperventilating, Greg getting stabbed, and the Marching Band. Mmmmm, senior year, yes, definitely full of memories. . . and tea parties.


Damn you Snively from Jessica said...


DAMN YOU SNIVELY!!! You mention MOLLY, TRUMAN, AND EVEN GREG! And yet you forget to mention the fact that it was at MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!


Mollyk eiowgheruip34856 said...

So that picture of you in your injured state made me stop breathing like 12 times. Ev bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb..okay that was jessica and I laughing its taking me like 10 minutes to write this becasue I cant stop t54hu4y6uj46j

Anonymous said...


I haven't been to your blog in forever...and now, as I pay it a visit, I realize my presence is barely acknowledged in this entry! What?!?! Sure, this is how you describe me...

"Paige (some girl there)"

great way to boost my shattered esteem, Michael! Everyone knows I am not just some girl, no I am the ever so talented, and theatrical empress, Paige! You made me seem like some common lame-o like Jessica

Anyway, lovely post, you made it seem like some sort of terrible form of torture, going through all that...anyway, lovely

Anonymous said...

And plus...I took all the pictures..well most

Anne said...

Yea I see how it is.

I'm just "the naviagitor"

yea you would of been ALL ALONE if it wern't for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Molly said...

Okay so I'm doing it againg I'm making some random comment that has NOTHING to do with the post but its the first one and most easy to get to, I decided that I dont want you to yell at me. I'm not as fragile as you think I will not fall down crying as you may have thought but I wont take it as Jessica does either......Thats all I have to say, I'm not a cry baby but still dont yell at me please!!!!! PLEASE!

Molly said...

OH and hahhahahahaha everyone hahahaha he said Molly in the blog!!!! hahaha I was mentioned!

Greg said...

All you people do is just whine, whine, whine. Waaaaaaaaah you forgot to mention me. I was at the party too. Do all you people need a waaahmbulance?

Hannah said...


all the comments made me laugh. its true...but i have come to the conclusion that we are all sad, we are all obessing over a tea party ((that was pretty amazing, i must admit)) that really, was not a true tea party except the food and tea, but the activities that took place were quite un-tea party like! : ]] but thats ok! it was quite a blast!

i can't believe that you put that horrible...horrible picture on your blog....i am not sure what i am doing or why i am doing it. so please find another....and take that one off! : ]]

yes i am leaving a long comment! but i think thats ok, just more for you to read! sooooooo...i think my fav. comment would be jessica's! she seems soooooo mad!

yes, we must have another party soon! that would be quite fun!

talk to you soon,

p.s. your count down for your wee is very very sad! haha.

Anonymous said...

OMG I officially love Greg's comment... He can be so sarcastic some times!

This is FOR PAIGE:


Molly said...

GREG PARKER I DO NOT LIKE YOUR ATTITUDE OR YOUR SARCASTIC REMARKS! ALL YOU DO IS WHINE AND WHINE ABOUT US WHINEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OKAY I'm done now and I was just kidding Greg we all love you, and you know it.

Why am I talking to Greg on your blog? Hm, I dont know.

Hey guys "Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author." I think that means Michael is tired of us...well thats just sad.

I'm once again perfectly happy with the blog I was mentioned even if it was about me hypervenilating. Thats why Greg doesnt care because ther are pictures of him! Once again Greg I was kidding I was not yellling at you (why you would care I dont know but all the same, I am showing my sign of weakness and apologizing.)

Oh and isnt it WII not WEE because now Hannah has got me confused.

Okay I officaly have NO life at all and I am done now.

NO WAIT!!! Michael your injured state still cracks me up!

Okay now I really am finished here.

Molly said...

I love how Jessica is Anonymous when we all know its her. She didnt even know how to post a comment she had to have me do it the first time. Then have me explain it to her the next time!!!

Anonymous said...


haha no I'm not

anyway I wasn't WHINING LIKE ALL YOU GUYS I'm just venting my frustration with all caps.

Molly's Friend said...

Yeah what kind of guy doesn't like being around a bunch of girls for all day? I'm sure you enjoyed that tea party much more than you're admitting!!!

Molly said...

Molly's friend is REALLY Molly's friend. I promise its not me! hahaha I love my friends!

Anonymous said...