September 04, 2006


I've been hearing about this new craze on the internet called "YTMND" ( but had never visited the site. Well, the other day somebody IM'd me a YTMND site and I was intrigued, so today I explored it. I figure I'm an internet g33k, I should be familiar with the goings on in the wide world of the internet. What I've discovered in YTMND is something very different than I'm used to. YTMND is basically one of the stupider things on the internet, but one of the funnest things to talk about (I think?). Basically, take a picture. Then, tile it or stretch it to fit the screen. Add three lines of crappy exploding grey text and a looping audio file in the background and you have a YTMND. Um, yeah, it's different. But, not to be left out, I created my first YTMND. Here it is folks, David Spade and Hermey, right back at ya!