September 02, 2006

College Application Season!

Here it is everybody! The list of the colleges I'm applying to! I've already submitted parts of several of the applications and filled out all of the bio parts, so now it's just down to essays. I'll know by December 15th if I'm in or not. . .it's exciting! The colleges are:

Johns Hopkins

Wish me luck! It's a good thing I like writing essays, I have to write 46 of them! Sheesh! Well, some of them are pretty short, but still, there are so many!!!


Molly said...

You like writing essays? Hm, maybe its a band that I havent aquired just yet.

Robert said...

46 essays!?!?!?

ashley said...

You can handle 46. Be a man.

Molly said...

Yes I think Ashley is right! Hahaha except I have a little more sympothy for your...only a little though.

Anonymous said...

Hey man, how did it turn out? just saw this link as well - kinda ugly in Conn.

Anonymous said...