August 30, 2006


So last year's physics class was an interesting one. If you've read previous posts you'll have heard stories about mirrors, lasers, bagpipes, and various other oddities. Well, I was wandering around on my computer and found a picture of my physics class. Do you ever have one of those days where it seems like all the planets align and you should just go out and buy a lottery ticket? Well, this picture is a glimpse into one of those moments. First off, I am not racist, nor should what I'm about to say be construed as a racist comment, it is merely an observation of the lack of diversity in my school. So here's the story.

We have an Honors physics class where nothing is being learned
We have an Asian (15% of the total asian population of my school)
We have an Hispanic (30% of the total hispanic population of my school)
We have a very difficult to build card house
We have a waterbottle on said card house
We have more card house on said waterbottle
We have the teacher taking a picture of the lack of learning in his class.

Basically, in a nutshell, two minority groups worked together to break the laws of physics in a physics class and the teacher recorded the moment. Where'd I put that lottery ticket again?