August 29, 2006

Gummy Bear

Ok, more things blowing up. This time I have just a picture and some really crappy time-lapse photography. I don't actually know how to make real time-lapse photography, so basically I just set up our cheap little tripod and set the oven timer for an hour and took pictures all day. Yes, it's sad, and it didn't turn out well at all, which is why it isn't posted in Youtube format. Instead I'll just have a link to watch the time lapse (don't waste your time). The time lapse was short so I looped it a bunch of times (don't waste your time). Here's the story:

About 4 years ago I had a 14th birthday party. It was quite the evening, full of really weird things that happened, including an errant gummy bear that sunk in a bowl of water. We left it, and the next morning when we rose from our VG stupor we noticed that the gummy bear had grown to enormous proportions! So, naturally, we smooshed it. Well, ever since then I've wanted to do this little experiment again. The green one here had been soaking one day. I've got a red one going now that I'll leave for two days (this just so happens to be the time lapse bear). Here's the large green bear next to a normal sized bear. Notice that the features are much more visible, to the point where you can see the muzzle and nose. It's a big picture, so click wisely, but if you want to see the details check out the big version (by clicking it).

Click the following link for crappy time lapse (don't click it):

Check out this picture: