March 10, 2006


The AIME is a math test for uber math geeks. In order to qualify for it you need to get at least 100 points on another math test called the AMC 12. Well, guess what? Oh yeah, 100.5 baby! LOL, yay for barely qualifying! So, I took the AIME. 15 questions, 3 hours, and one hurtin' brain afterwards. The national average score is 2.4 correct (obviously it's a mean, because you can't get half credit). The highest score ever at my school is 3. Needless to say, these are some hard math problems. So, I got to miss CAD, Humanities, and a bunch of Pre-Calc to sit in a board room with 7 other geeks to take the math test. Luckily one of my best friends qualified so we sat across from each other and got to laugh at each other's various "*sigh*. . . *groan*. . .*oh my god!*"s. Oh, and for those of you who read my blog, you will understand the gravity of this next statement. No Calculators Allowed. Yep, that's the killer. So, I'm going to write down 6 questions of the 15. Included in these 6 are the ones I got right, but I'm not going to tell you which and how many. It's your job to guess which ones I got right. Good luck!







So, which ones did I get right??????

Hopefully you can figure out this pretty basic answer to that question:
1 --> 084
2 --> 901
3 --> 725
4 --> 124
5 --> 936
6 --> 360

So, I scored 3/15. I'm proud of myself! Tie the top score of my school! It was so brain-draining! The questions get harder as they progress so towards the end it was just impossible. The last question made no sense to me at all, it seemed impossible to me, as in I understood how to solve it but couldn't get an answer of less than 4 digits. Give it a shot, show it to people that are good at math, and help me find an answer! Here it is:


Thanks for trying to solve that, good luck! Bye!