November 19, 2005

That Calculator Post Update

Ok, remember the post that had the graphing calculator on it. . .the one with me complaining about not being able to use calculators on a test. Well, after being certain that I probably failed it, I got it back and, amazingly, I ended up setting the curve for it. How? Who the F### knows?!?!?!? We were allowed to use our calculators to "check" our work but we had to write all of our steps on the test. I couldn't do the steps, so I just did all of the stuff on the calculator, understanding that I would get half of my points taken away for not showing my work. Well, apparently, my teacher didn't grade the work, so I didn't lose hardly any points. I only missed points on the questions that I didn't answer. Also, I've decided that I'm tired of my math class and should just stop doing homework all the way and turn in partially done assignments. . .that strategy appears to be paying off. I'm still getting 100% on all of them. For crying out loud, I'm almost trying to get a bad grade in that class and my grade keeps going UP! I'm at a 99.65% with only half my assignments turned in and doing terribly on tests! I don't know what's going on, but I like it!