November 07, 2005

Math Frustration!

Today I had a Pre-Calc test. Pre-calc is easy, I like Pre-calc (except for my teacher, but we'll get to that). Anyway, today was our test. I was all ready for it, ready to set the curve and everything, but that was before we got the test. We got the test and I saw my entire world crash down before me. Most people say things like this, but this was an actual "Oh my Gosh, I'm so screwed, what the HECK do I do?" moment. At the top, scribbled in messy handwriting was "No grpahing calculators allowed". Alright, so, basically this sucks. I love my graphing calculator, I use it religiously, I'm the only kid I know that can actually use every single function on it. I could ace this test with it, but the DAY OF THE TEST they tell use we can't use it. Nevermind that for all of the homework we could use it. So, this is unfair. The other classes knew they weren't going to get to use them, but we had a sub last time and they neglected to tell us, so we were surprised. Therefore, because of all of this, I am quite certain that I may have failed. Parabolas are much harder to graph without calculators than with, and domains and ranges are also a little trickier without calculators. So, basically, I'm really angry because I just got taken advantage of and completely raped by a math test. GRRRRRRRR! Oh, and I hate my teacher. The End. Posted by Picasa


Greg said...

Lucky You.

cheesemeister said...

You're one of the few people I know who can use a graphing calculator.
As teachers go, that sucks. And there are more of them on the college level. My A&P teacher refused to grade my third written assignment because I was having problems with the e-mail program. It wouldn't attach my document to the e-mail. So I copied the content and put it in the body of the email. She said that wasn't acceptable. So I'll probably lose a letter grade for the class even though I have a B average at this point. Some teachers are just petty. Sorry you had to deal with this.

Anonymous said...