October 19, 2005


Ok, so in case I didn't mention it anywhere, I'm a junior in high school. I remember back in first grade that the school year seemed to take FOREVER to go by! But, on the plus side, summer lasted forever as well. Now, thinks are a little different. In fact, even compared to last year things are a little different. Last year marching band season seemed to drag on and on. Now, this year, it seems as though we've barely started even though we've been at it since mid-August. The season is over in three weeks! It went by in a blaze of marching band glory! Seriously, I don't know where the time goes.

Time goes by so much faster this year than it has in the past. We're a third of the way done with first semester and it feels like it just started. It's nice though, because I'd like to not have to live through ages of my classes. The sooner they're over the better actually. I've noticed that as I grow older, time seems to increase in speed (or velocity, w/e you want). At this rate I'll be dead and will have barely experienced any of my life because it whooshed by. So, this leads me to my final question about time and age. . .

Is time vs. age linearly, exponentially, or power"ly" related? Riddle me that!