October 05, 2005

First Post: Homework

Hello blog readers! This is my blog. I've never had a blog before, but I'm gonna try this one out. Please feel free to post on whatever the heck you want, the more comments the merrier. This first post can be about HOMEWORK!

<<<<<<<HOMEWORK RANT>>>>>>>
As a freshman I complained about homework. As a sophomore I complained about homework. Now, as a junior, I am complaining about homework. What I have discovered is that as much as any freshman or sophomore may complain about homework, they ain't got nothing on juniors. OMG, it is absolutely insane! Remember in 8th grade when the high school students came and talked to us all about registration? "High school is so much fun, but there's about 3 hours of homework a night." Being the naive 8th graders we were, what did we think? They're kidding. They're just slow and bad at doing homework fast. This is the part of the story where I voluntarily take my right foot and insert it in my mouth. My life now consists of coming home, doing homework, leaving for marching band if I have it, and coming home and doing more homework. I actually have about 4-5 hours of homework per night, no joke at ALL! Humanities, physics, pre-calc and Stats are killer homework classes.
So, for all of those kids out there that say "Why do you stay up so late?" . . . "Why don't you just do your homework during your other classes?" . . . "Why do you make your homework so perfect, that's what's taking so long" . . . . . . . . . . SHUT UP! It's freaking hard as it is, I don't need people telling me it's easy! lol, just wait, you shall see. Take the hard classes, then you can complain about massive amounts of homework.
<<<<<<<RANT COMPLETE>>>>>>>

Have a nice evening, feel free to post your feelings about your homework load, or to post answers to homework if you are feeling generous.


cheesemeister said...

Hi Michael,
I keep checking in on your blog, and although I'm a good deal older than you are I can find things I can relate to. Makes me remember high school like it was yesterday! I went back to school when I was 38 years old (am 40 now) and will probably be there for a couple more years. Sounds like your school has a pretty intense program! I BS-ed my way through most of my courses in high school which only got me in trouble when I went to college and actually had to work, so you keep up the hard work right now and it will help you when you get to college! Good luck.
I have a son who's about your age and whose name is also Michael. And I think you guys have it harder than I did academically, so kudos to you for studying and doing it right!

Molly said...

hahahhaha funny stuff.....I love comments from other people. Funny funny.

OH and I hate JUNIOR YEAR!!!!!! AHHH my classes are not that hard but crap they are still hard! homework marching band food school marching band food........oh wait sometimes sleep god forbid. Okay thats my rant! its a comment rant that you dont have to read actually i guess that would have been effective to put at the top. Sorry. Okay I'll see you later I"m really done now!

Anonymous said...