October 12, 2005

Band Slide Show

So, the last 3 hours of my life have been devoted to a slideshow. I'm sorry to say that I fear for the construction of the Band Slideshow this year so I have taken on the responsibility of producing an alternative slideshow that will make the rounds and hopefully a lot of people will see, even if it isn't shown at the band banquet. On it so far are pictures of our show shirt, the first football game we went to, us marching at sunset, and some candids in the band room. Music is Chrono Trigger, Fantasmic!, and Blue Shades clarinet solo. There are tons of little inside jokes, some P.M.I. (pre-calc stuff), HTML code, 1337, a tri-force, thought bubbles, embarassing faces, and all sorts of goodies! I can't wait to get more material for it, it should turn out really nicely! PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU WOULD LIKE A COPY! I will give it to you! That's all for now, go and make a slideshow, they're fun!


ashley said...

ooh I would like a copy.

yes I'm still trying to find it.

you're sick. making us poor band people [me] stress over a stupid slideshow.

Anonymous said...

I think I am with Ashley on this one, I want a copy...sicko. My mind hurts and the joules still aren't converting into feet.

Anonymous said...