April 11, 2007

Important Facebook Update

So here's the scoop. I was logged onto facebook late last night when I noticed that they'd restructured everything, which was cool. I logged out and went to bed. This morning at 3 AM I woke up and logged back in, or at least tried to. It said that as a new user I would have to confirm my e-mail address, so I did, which was when I realized that Facebook had completely wiped my account.

The following things are no longer in my profile:

  • Pictures
  • Notes
  • Groups
  • Wall posts
  • About Me stuff
  • My network
  • My profile picture
  • Friends
  • Anything else I haven't listed

I've sent an e-mail to Facebook tech support and haven't heard back yet. Sooooooo, if you try to do something to me in Facebook, just know that I'm not your friend anymore, not in a network, and have a blank profile.

This sucks.


Karin '11 said...

We were wondering where you were when you disappeared from the MIT '11 facebook group. Glad to know you didn't just ditch us =P
(found this blog from your name linked from the admissions blogs)

Molly said...

thats funny...I'm looking at it right now. With picutres and groups and info and everything.

Sauza said...

dsauza.blogspot.com =D

somebody said...