May 08, 2006

Warning, Geeky Post

Soooo, I'm sitting in Stats and my friend is flipping frantically through his physics book.

[ME] "What's up? Looking for something?"
[HIM] "I can't find this conversion rate!"
[3RD PERSON] "What are you trying to convert?"
[HIM] "I'm trying to convert Joules to feet"

. . . .

I apologize to any of you who may not be as unit savvy as I, but the laughter that erupted from this particular conversation was quite amazing. To this day we tease him about his conversion mishap. If you don't understand this and don't think it's funny, um, allow me to explain. A Joule is a measure of work, energy, that kind of thing. Feet is, well, a distance. Converting Joules to feet is like physics class alchemy, or squaring the circle, or getting an A in english, it just doesn't work! So yes, that's the geeky post of the day, hope you enjoyed it!


Peter "One Eyed Punisher of Doom" Bauer said...

so snively..... just checking in to see how you are doing. I also wanted to add that i got a mofruckin 75 on the physics final.

yes, i am gloating, and no, i dont have any shame.

btw, i got a solid C in the class because i didnt do any of the homework and about 2/3 of the labs. AND I STILL GOT THE 3RD BEST SCORE IN THE CLASS!! just let this be a reminder that genius material isnt always the same as MIT material.

the reason i gloat is because you wouldnt let me go fishing at your pond (it is NOT a lake)

Anonymous said...