December 18, 2007


Avast me hardies! Arrrgh!

Ok, now that I've gotten that out of my system. . .

If you know me then you know I'm not one to talk like a pirate. Not that I have anything against talking like a pirate, I'm just more of a ninja guy myself (you'll kindly note the new poll on the right side of the page). Anywho, I just had a spontaneous urge to pirate-ify for a bit. It's over now. Please forgive me.

I believe it's in order to share some exciting news. Starting in January for IAP I get to start blogging for the MIT Admissions website! Now you can hear all of my rantings and ravings and general MIT adventures on a website that's ranked 99,223rd in the entire internet (right behind, come on guys, visit more so we can beat!)

I'll still be keeping this blog up because as I've mentioned in the past, this blog isn't dedicated to MIT, it's dedicated to weird adventures I have. There will probably be less MIT on here now because I'll blog MIT stuff on the MIT site and I'll keep dumb stupid Michael stuff here. For example, this is something that could show up here:

Ragdoll Avalanche

While this is something that could show up on MIT:

Awesome Math!

Have a great day guys, I'm going to study chemistry more now.


Paul said...

Hey, congrats. It'll be awesome to have another blogger in the mix.

Sam said...

weird, I almost sent Ben Jones an e-mail last night saying, "please let Snively start blogging for admissions." I therefore take full credit. good job snivs.

Michael said...

lol, thanks Sam. I appreciate your undying dedication!

By the way, even though you promised to watch your Toaster Song on infinite repeat for the rest of your life, if you happened to take a break and missed it, Ruth commented on it. A jab at us, so you may take a fancy to it.

Thanks again for getting me the blogging job!

Anonymous said...

I promise to visit your blog more often, if you write more posts about tranny seduction plz

Anonymous said...

Whoa, cool! What made him change his mind?

Sam said...

Snivs, I have already watched it 3 times today. of course I saw the comment. I would guess 65-70% of the hits on that are me.

Isshak Ferdjani said...

the toaster song ? this is making me too curious, I'm going on it !
By the way, I know that you love to post videos and all, but do not forget that we do not all have fast internet, and I was thinking mostly about international students.
by the way, the minesweeper movie is hilarious ! did you see the yoshi movie ?

Isshak Ferdjani said...

OH MY GOD you must be joking !
sam, you really are singing a song about a sad sad toaster ? oh my god. this is so going to be popular in my school (I've already made MIT popular, now let's make a MIT student popular !)

Star said...

Looking forward to seeing you on the MIT site... so how come Ben decided to let you start early? (Or did you really knock off one of the BC bloggers???)

Star said...

Global Reach: 3,306
U.S. Reach: 2,996
Rank: 368267
Monthly Page Views: 14,769
Monthly Uniques: 3,306

Snively, you aren't doing too bad yourself!

Isshak Ferdjani said...

hehe, MITAdmissions gives a good popularuty boost ! then the visits continue because of the content of course.
funny to see your blog is mostly read by internationals ! (when will I see a post on Benin? nah just kidding ^^)

Isshak Ferdjani said...

oh darn I misundrstood global reach for the share of intls, sorry. still you have a strong intl minority ^^ !

The Applicant said...

Dear mr Snively. I'm writing to you all the way from a distant country on another continent.

Over the recent year I've been odoured to take place with your events along with you through this blog. But now at the breakfast table today I finally made the descicion that is big: I wnat to go to MiT.

That is difficult, and i know there are several ways to lure the admission officers. You who blog there might be even more helpful.

I am willing to pay up to 9500 USD via PayPal for your services, which should include:
Getting me an 800 on the following SATs:
Reasoning (I'll go with anything about 2100ish)
Math level 2

And write my application in such a way that the admission office will fade and even perhaps start to hallisunate once they learn about my special abilities. Convince them that I should be accepted. I've got quite nice grades, b-ish.

If you are interested in earning quick money (2000 USD pre-service paid) then respond here and I'll get in touch with you via email. No telling.

Isshak Ferdjani said...

haha lol good joke who ever you are !

ur ardent blog reader. said... out quickly!

i have a doubt regarding the common app....
all these days i downloaded the forms(recommendations, sec. rprt,final rprt,etc)
from yale's website ,printed one each,got them photocopied and gave it to the teachers to fill and seal in envelopes......but now i got an emial from stanford which says
"download all school-related forms (such as the Secondary School Report, Teacher Evaluations, Mid Year School Report, Final School Report, etc.) directly from the Common Application website after you log into your Stanford Application so that each form has your Common Application number. If you download any form before you log into your account, your Common Application number will not appear on the form and review of your application may be delayed."

what's this...all forms have to be downloaded from the respective college's webpage on the common app??how do i do i have to do everything again?i'm getting a bit scared help out as quickly as possible...

Vihang said...

@ ur ardent blog reader:
One of my friend also made the same mistake. Don't worry you can send in the stuff as it is. They'll have to get all your application material together using name and birth date which might just delay application review.

Looking forward to seeing you on the Admissions page!

ur ardent blog reader said...

thanx mate.
so what i've done is right...right?
btw..what do u mean one of ur friend did the same mistake?

Michael said...


As far as I know, you can access the actual common application without logging into the common app web page. That's bad. You want to use your username and password to sign in and that way when you print stuff it'll have all your info on it. I'd do that and then fax stuff to Yale to avoid shipping delays.

Anonymous said...

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Vihang said...


I doubt you'll read this but if you do, one of my friends used the common app. forms without logging in. Like Snively said this is bad, because your common app. number does not show up on the bottom of the page.

But your forms are still acceptable provided that everything else is correctly filled.

Anonymous said...

thanx mate!

Anonymous said...